Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Make Art Monday : Trust : 3/10/2014

#makeartmonday with Maps to Herself

Trust, I love life and as hard as I live it, trusting is something that keeps me going. Granted in the mist of one of my life changes or rocky patches on the journey I am known to have a complete meltdown or two. If I was physically on a path I would be laying on the ground with my face buried in the rocks with huge tears running down my face wondering what the hell I was thinking for taking this particular path and cursing the Divine for letting my make such a terrible decision. I call my mom and then slowly dust myself off, spit out the dirt and reach deep inside to the trust that is there, the trust that God has it all worked out, trust in my intuition to listen and choose what I truly need and want and trust in the path and where it is leading. I trust in the idea that we all have our own path, and I trust that in following that path life will bring the greatest fulfillment and happiness/joy. I also know and trust that the very same path can bring the greatest lose and sadness, because on that path we truly love. I trust that one day I will touch the stars, circle the sun and dance through the universe.

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