A bit on Me, Kari

I am Kari, and in my heart I am an artist. My art mirrors the visions of my daydreams, ideas on life and life’s journey.  truly believe the best way to be with God is to immerse oneself in the creative process. I create because I just can't help myself, and I believe everyone has an inner artist yearning to be expressed. Art is many things, but at its heart it is story telling, story telling what is in the soul and how it sees life and our purpose. These ideas give my life purpose.

I consider myself a water colorist, its my primary medium, the base to everything I do. However, as I continue to grow in comfort and letting go of expectation in my art I am exploring more and more.

I do have a day job I enjoy, I am an architect and do plan for review for the Indiana State Department of Health. I make sure licensed healthcare facilities  are designed to the Rules and Laws of the state of Indiana. I have had the privilege of designing some amazing spaces. Currently I use my expertise working for the state and making sure buildings are designed to provide safe environments. So I may not have gone to school to paint, I did go through 5 years of professional education in design. I am slowly learning how valuable my education was, and how much it influences my life today.I have an amazing husband who I knew was meant for me when he came to a little art show I was part of and bought two pieces. He then called and asked me to do a portrait of his dog Skip. He is my biggest fan. We love to go to flea markets and auctions. I collect mason jars, I have all colors, sizes and ages. I think I take photo's of my jars second only to my art. I am also one of those crazy person's with allergies and sensitivities, I can not process gluten, have to buy special shampoo and lotions, I can't burn most smelly candles and never know what may cause a rash, asthma attack or migraine. Sometimes I will post on these things too, mostly because they are an everyday influence in my life.

I have a need to share my art and my knowledge, in a way that is natural and within my time constraints. So here is my little place in the big wide world to share my little bit. I am still working out the how to's on selling my art, so check in often to see how I am growing and changing. I do love commission's, and would love to do one for you. Just email at artbykari@gmail.com. This is a place for exploration, imperfection expressions and lots of play. Don't hesitate to ask if there is anything at all you would like to know.

May you leave inspired and a bit more hopeful than when you first arrived, may you take that little light and pass it along.  -Kari

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