Monday, April 11, 2011

Yoga Life and being busy

My favorite books on Yoga Life and taking off the mat
I can not believe I have not blogged in a couple weeks. Life has been good, but busy. Spring is blooming and the outside is calling. I have been wanting to blog about yoga life. Many people enjoy their weekly yoga class, but it is so much more. I think people feel the difference in their daily lives even if they can not pin point the difference or know where it is coming from. My goal is to give a little thought for you to carry with you as you carry on your week outside of class.

The Eight limbs of yoga, for those really into the whole practice this is the way to go, moving through the eight limbs repeatedly through life, going deeper and deeper into an enlightened state sounds a bit out there for many. So here I have one key thing to work on and move through: breathing

Breathing, just breath, how often in the day do you find yourself running around, responding to everyone's wants, demands. Breathe. If you are reading my blog I assume we are very like minded people and that your life is full of loved ones, work that demands, and a yearning for enjoyment of life. Breath. Task/yoga habit 1: breath. Getting upset or inpatient - breathe, feeling lost or overwhelmed - breathe, no deadline comes up on us so fast that we can not take a breath, and drop our shoulders. Stopping to breath in yoga can relax and bring space in the body so a pose can be fully reached and feel comfortable. The same breath can take a life situation and give it the space you need to plan and act. It can give you the space you need to gain control. A yoga instructor moves you through a series a yoga flow with 8 down dogs and updogs, breathing gives you energy and power to move through the sequence. A forward bend is difficult for you, breathing into the belly and into the hips can relax the thights/ hamstrings allowing you to go lower into the pose. The poses are not easy and tests your endurance. That is not to different from A crazy client calling, take a breath, to give calm and discernment as you move through the dialogue. Go and breath, see how it can reshape your day, giving you the space you need to move in the direction you want.

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