Sunday, April 24, 2011

The artistic life beyond the canvas- My April

Life in April has been busy. Producing art has not been on my task list and the business aspects of Art by Kari have been placed to the side. This month I had hosted the AIA Awards in Excellence. It is a bi-annual awards event for architecture projects designed by local AIA architects. The event was April 21 and was a great sucesses. I had a committee full of talented people. The award  we designed and worked to have produced is below. Along with the event and all that goes with hosting a catered dinner at the Eitiljorg for 130 people I had my 1972 Schwinn tuned up for summer. I have had it out a few times. I have my own parking spot at work. It is just under 2 miles from home to work, and I love how a ride in can set a great mental attitude for the day. This month I also participated in Susan G. Komen walk with around 40,000 other people. It was a bit cool and wet, but as always amazing to be part of such a walk. To have so many people together for a cause can be breathing taking and a bit crazy. 40,000 people is a lot of people. My final last event was and appreciation dinner for Global Gifts where I volunteer at least once a month. This spring we got in a new product, handmade paper from elephant pooh!! Its is really cool, and the products have great colors. I can't wait to send out my my new cards, with information on the paper. Mr. Elle Pooh, fair trade and oh so cool. So that has been what I been doing and why I have been a bit busy to sit down and blog. I find myself overwhelmed with what to blog!! Enjoy the taste of some of my activities and till next time go and enjoy a bit of spring.

The Excellence Award
Tree blossoms on my ride into work- downtown monument mall
the bike!! new wheel's- so much chrome
my parking spot at work
the walk- so many people
view across White River to the city, it was a grey day, but beautiful
my Mr. Elle Pooh stationary- you need some!!

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