Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Personal Yoga Practice- How to

OM- Shanti Shanti- this is my yoga practice. I don't get to a class often, however, if you are new to yoga I recommend you at least get to class once a week. Remember yoga is the joining of the spirit/mind to the body, it is not a "workout", its a process, one that should not hurt. It's a good idea to have a teacher guide you how to get into and out of poses. There are many different types of yoga practices, some are more intense than others, and focus on different things. Try a few, find one that works with your soul and body. Video's are another great way to bring your practice home. A person can't go wrong with video's from Gaiam, they have a variety and offer what you will need to find a love for doing yoga in your own space on your schedule. Gaiam is just a great site to visit and browse through, they have all things for holistic, natural, good living. Yoga Today is also a site I recommend. If you sign up for their newsletter they will email you a free practice every week. The group of gals who run this site and yoga sessions are really good. They have a variety of styles and every week it is something new. They also have a very reasonable membership fee for unlimited access to the library of past classes. Between these too resources and my library, I can always find the practice my body or heart needs. There are may resources, these two just happen to be my favorite.

Me- well, I love books, I have tons of yoga books. I found I was breaking spines and losing pages, so I started a yoga binder full of my favorite practices in stickman form. I go through and draw the practice and often write out the names in a list. I also have a set of yoga cards. My best deck is used for alinging the Chakra's, I went through and drew them so I can better understand them!! Here I have shared my favorite sequences!! If you ever need a yoga partner, please let me know!! I'll bring my stick drawings!!

My yoga decks!! OM Yoga
 My yoga binder where my sequences reside
My Chakra stickmen- this series can really help realign ones system
The deck also has a set of meditations and breathing for each Chakra

Root, Sacral, Solar Plexis, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown

These two cards is a sequence I created of my favorite Kundalini sets
There is a lot of movement, the stickmen are reminders of my next movement
This one is for weight management is from BSK Iyengar, Light on Yoga, this is the best book!!
A yoga classic

Enjoy your practice, I am off to mine. Namaste.
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