Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A garden is planted!!

Life has been springy and very good. I have planted a garden, one that I find I am very proud of, hopefully it will yield a yummy and fun filled summer. I planted flowers and veggies, and fruit. Below are my garden plans and photo's.

The first thing I did was locate the location withe best sun and went to work with a rototiller to break up the earth. I tilled the biggest plot I could till with what fuel I had. I tilled for hours and it was work. I hit a patch of gravel and bricks that run the full length of the garden. I believe there may have been a gravel drive to the back Garage that was once in the back yard. I worked to till 12" down into the dirt, but think I only managed around 8". That should be ok, the dirt was pretty easy to break up and very dark. With the ground ready I went shopping!! Seeds where my budget and if it looked like something I might want to I buy it. The next day I went to work setting up two walkways, And dividing the garden into segments to help my manage the planted ares. I went with a box design instead of rows to give the garden more of a flower bed look. I was lucky with and evening rain through the night a today, cool and misty, not to hard to wash the seeds. In 5 to 10 days I should have small plants merging from the soil. More to come as things grow and I learn to care for the new little plants.

The garden layout
The Garden is tilled with a day lilly border

The garden in all planted

The planting bed by the house

The garden by the porch layout

Sidewalk is slowing being dug out and brick edge exposed
The bed is planted
Flowers by the re-set step
If you have ever walked on my steps you will see the difference, it is straight and in place!! Thanks John and Mark
My iris's are blooming!!

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