Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes its all a bit foggy

Its been one of those weeks where my body and mind have been overwhelmed with a cold. Yet I think I may come out as clear headed as ever. This winter has seem to have been a rough on for me, which hopefully as I pull through it and spring rounds the corner it will blossom. Lost, I am feeling a bit lost. I am one of those people who live in over drive, but loves the slow road. I feel that every morning I wake up my karmic struggle is to keep it slow and enjoy. Today was a good day at work, I get to create spaces which people work and live in everyday. Sometimes I feel like I don't live a creative enough life, but buildings take time and large teams to construct. Some times my most creative days are in black and white computer lines or a series of meetings. My creative challenge for this evening, for the next couple weeks is to breath in, breath out and re-focus to see the creative in my everyday, in my my everyday tasks and everyday places.

Dale Chihuly art glass, photo taken at the Indianapolis Children's Museum. A great place to go and play and grow young.

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