Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lists and Paints and Getting Started

What a year so far, things have been great and I can not believe all I have gotten done. I enjoy a life of action and focus, don't get me wrong, last night I just watched a movie and didn't do a thing that would have been an item to cross of a list!! Which brings me to lists. I have found I am curious about Listography and the art of creating lists. I run into the list books all the time in stores like Silver in the City and it was recently features in one of my favorite blogs by my favorite publisher, Chronicle Books. You may find lists being posted, the idea of sitting down and forcing my mind to go beyond the obvious sounds like an exercise I should go through. How often we get stuck on our own little circles of likes and love. I am exploring artistic themes and think this is one way to continue to push myself to see the world and my art in different ways. I recommend you do the same, learn something about your self, learn something about the world.

You have seen many black and white sketches screaming for a bit of color, well, I have started the process and the first step was to organize my paints. Its amazing how perfect ice cube trays are working out for my water colors.

Ahh paints, don't they look yummy!!
And the painting has begun
A new canvas has been started
Hopefully it will be finished this weekend

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