Friday, May 2, 2014

Make Art Monday : Love : 4.28.2014

#makeartmonday with Maps to Herself

I love "love". I love people, and passions and arts, jars, books and life in general. I love the ups and the downs and the smooth in between. I love hearts, for such a simple shape they can bring such a range of emotions and thoughts and memories. I am not sure what it is about hearts, but if you look art my art, you will find that most every piece has a heart buried someplace within. I hadn't noticed how I put a heart on everything; until Matt asked me if I knew did and why. I had no answer, his observation actually drove me to look at my portfolio of prints from all my past pieces. I sure did have hearts everywhere. I place hearts everywhere, I think, I do this because I chose a long time ago to love free, to love without expectations, to allow heartbreak and trust in my hearts ability to heal. When I made this choice my life became light, my purpose simple and clear, to just love. When we love, we can set up many expectations and requirements, often to protect ourselves, to protect our hearts. These constraints are often what actually break our hearts. 

What constraints have you placed in the love you have for those in your life , those things around you. How do they weigh you down. What ideas, expectations or requirements can you let go of to free yourself;
to free your heart; to increase your love?

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