Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Resistance: Prepared for War

Universe Series- Kari Thompson 2010
So the war rages on with resistance. I read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It was a great read, one I completed in a day where I was traveling to the east coast from home. It is one of those books that speaks to you in stages, in a way to gives you space to soak it in, and to think on it. It is one of those reads that I know has changed not just the way I consciously think, but unconsciously. I know this book has changed my life and the way I will approach things. I currently feel like that little voice in my head that says "do it tomorrow", or "wait for the perfect time" has been disarmed. The past few days I have found my goals to not be a battle of wills within myself. I just do what it is I am truly wanting to do. I feel confident that with continued "practice" within my goals that I will find success. I don't know if I could have said that in my last post. So, with the acknowledgement of my battles ahead, feeling equipped with tools, and the knowing that I can succeed; I think it is time to make a declaration of commitment to my journey for 2014.

The past few years my life has been very focused on career and community projects. I loved every minute of it, but it was very intense and stressful. I had a lot of people I wanted to make happy, and really wanted to professionally prove that I had arrived. The past few years will be ones I look back at fondly and know I am capable of all I could want to be professionally. It also made me realize that just maybe, my truer calling is to find happiness in my life through balance and enjoyment of just living, finding an ever increased since of balance. This year I hope to gain a bit more balance between my career, creative endeavors, and health/running/yoga. The cultivation of relationships within these three areas will be something I focus on. 

Lets get SMART, nothing like SMART goals to make them real in the head. 
Career- I am in a new place with my career, this year I hope to feel out just what being a state employee is about and if I really could carve out a career where I am. In February I will start to attend 1-2 professional association meetings, cultivate my professional network and meet new people which I will work with in my new position. I will not participate on any committees, at least for this year.

Creativity- This year I really want to explore and learn. I have a small collection of artists who have carved out a balance between creating to full fill themselves and creating to the mass markets in selling their craft. My goal for this year is to make the time, share my explorations and to interact with those who share my interest and journey in painting. This means regular blog posts, even if no one reads or comments, perfect or not, I will send out my creative story. Its amazing what one can learn from failure, but if I never try I will never know. My plan is to post four times a month.

Health- I want to increase my home yoga asana practice. I work on practicing all eight limbs of yoga, I practice it everyday. I would like to get back to my mat. I am ready for new spiritual awakenings and a new level of understanding. The physical practice is the foundation which I always return to when I need to heal, grow and "sort things out". I also want to get serious about what I am eating. A few years ago for about six months I took very good care of myself. I felt great and it showed. I want to get to that place again. This means taking the time to cook, grocery shop and take action with the yummy food blogs I have subscribed too. It also means accepting my body as it is today.

My top priority will be to - Say NO
I hope to say more than I ever have in my life in order to keep it simple, calm and flexible. 

What are your top three goals this year?
Are they the goals you really want to pursue,
or shadows of your deeper wants because you fear failure,
don't know how to make a successful plan,
or just aren't quite sure who, what or where you want to be?
Email me, we will work out a plan and set out on the journey together. The universe is ours.

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