Friday, December 13, 2013

All ways a good time for fresh starts

watercolor with shimmer paint and pen 2013 grow series

Here I am, at the end of 2013 and the past couple years have been insane. I have had some amazing opportunities and big changes. One big change was that I did not sketch or paint for a year, as the year closes I find my soul in need of slower times, more artistic express and a lot more sleep at night. One of the new changes is a new job, this job allows me more time for things I love, like art. I also got married and have found an inner calm and am more focused to being less involved in my community and more engaged at home. A third change is putting my historical house up for sell. With the lack of renovations and stress of renovations, I have more energy and time for my art.

This round of blogging I hope to share a bit of what I know, inspire by sharing my favorite things and sharing my art and words. I hope to hear from you and that my sharing makes your day a little brighter.


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