Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A little help from my Roost Tribe

So, here we go, its fall and I am finding the evenings once again getting dark and me at my art table sketching, drawing and gearing up to take my art a bit farther. However, this year I will be getting a bit of help from the The Roost Tribe. I am getting all kinds of information and I find myself motivated to dive in and try to figure some of the bigger social media/blogging ins and outs. So here we go, lesson 1, linking into other sites and sharing information from other places. Even if you know it all, Bonnie has amazing art, DIY ideas and connected to many savvy people. Lesson 2 will be relinking the photo's have have lost in past posts!!

There are also really cool downloads, I can't wait to figure out how they work.

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