Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two hours of painting at work- Creativity at its finest!!

This past Friday I was meet with a great meeting, one where my office spent two hours creating and painting together. It was a great creative release away from computers, email, schedules, budgets and issues. The perimeters, everyone was given a canvas with a shape within it. The paints where primary colors and the tools various sponges and brushes. Colors and image could be left to the artist, however, the shapes on the canvas had to read through. The enlightening lessoned learned- go back to my last blog- art really is knowing when to move forward with another layer of detail and when to hold back and call a piece finished. The end result where a series of canvases when placed together created a whole piece, a piece of inspiration and wonder one could never had imagined.

My fellow colleagues at work
Bruce working on adding details and layers
Our tools
and pieces in process
The work is complete- true to our inner artists we made a mess
The final pulled together- no one knew the outcome!!
imagine (thankful i goes my canvas direction i did)
The piece will be hung in our main studio to see everyday!!
My completed piece, I thought it turned out pretty well!!

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