Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A finished piece- Val's Flowers

I love it when a piece of art is declared finish; art I feel is never complete. This can cause issues, because in pursuit of a fine piece one must know their limits and when to stop, to me the real art in art is knowing when it is complete. This is an acrylic piece on canvas with chalk pastels and varnish. This piece the art was in taking it one more step, adding one more layer till the image had depth and seemed to float. I liked how it finished up, the butterflies to me float on the canvas, the silver and gold oil pastel sticks I used caused some issues photographing. Photography has never really clicked with me, maybe someday. The piece has a shimmer, for me it adds a bit of movement. With this complete I am thinking it may be about time to start in on all my black and white sketches waiting paint!!

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