Sunday, July 17, 2016

A New Chapter - Finding my Story

This blog has seen me through several chapters in life. My last post was in 2014. The past 18 months has seen Matt and I move from downtown living in Indianapolis to a quite oasis in Plainfield away from my urban lifestyle way. I am also working for a design firm doing what I love, but there is travel and very long hours. I am working on trying to find a balance, trying to find time to let go of the work and just live a bit. We are also working on starting a family and sorting out how to overcome my fertility issues, a journey that we are not surprised to be on. A difficulty I have know about since I was 18. We about have it sorted and then the real work will begin : ). Life is full of family, each other, work and creating a home, it is full of love and laughter.

Life changes, routines shift and our story becomes something different. For a long time my art was about chasing dreams and having hope. I painted my soul searching journey, I painted my dreams and visions. I painted my story for my soulmate to find, to read and to find me. He bought a painting, and commissioned one, one that is now hanging in our entryway. My story is different, my visions have changed, my story is unclear to me. I find drawing and painting difficult. I no longer feel a need to seek out something unknown, I no longer long for a filling of my heart, my soul. My life is very blessed, it is very full. I am learning what that means to my art, to the story I have to share and tell.

So here we go, on an other Kari Adventure, full of color and art and development. One that I hope is as inspiring as all my chapters before.


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