Thursday, December 11, 2014

I am a Licensed Architect!!! What a journey

Huge life news, I am finally a Registered Architect. I started my architecture journey in the 6th grade, starting the seventh grade with getting into Ball State as my life's mission, as another kid might target going to Harvard or Stanford. I grew up in a blue collared family where my dad worked his way up to provided all we could ask for and my mom was a creative free spirit would always seemed to be indulging in a new career opportunity as her heart fancied, providing little extra's for the family. Architecture mixed my love for art and mathematics and was a profession that would offer opportunists for me to be who ever I wanted to be, where ever I wanted to be. I had visions of stilettos in the big city, Chicago, was my place of choice. I always knew in my heart that my family was everything to me, it was who I was and no matter how big I dreamed, going far from home was not an option. To deny that part of myself would to live a, perhaps glamorous, but empty life. I worked hard, played hard and had awesome friends through my High School career. I choose to indulge in many things than to excel at one. There was a lot of pressure to focus on just one thing, but that was and is not my style. College was more focused, it was basically all school and working to pay for it. I loved every minute. I pushed my boundaries, went to India, learned to paint and sketch beyond the drafting and rendering we where taught. My health also started to fail, I am auto immune issues that do to  stress started to flare and really took their tool. I decided staying close to home and working for a small firm that gave me every opportunity a recent grad could want was the best for me. I said good bye to the big city, little apartment dream, however, I did buy the shoes and little suites.  I learned that the big dreams and do it all ideas where not sustainable, that a person could not have everything. I would look at friends doing the big things and I dreamed, but began to realize we were different people, willing to make different sacrifices, that our souls required different things to be ablaze. I had to come to a place of comfort with my need for small town, lots of family and familiarity. I realized I am not the type of person who needs to visit the Taj Mah to understand its spirit, even though I have visited. I don't need to visit every state in the country, but I do need to make regular pilgrimages to my favorite beach and spend a week sea shell hunting every morning. I don't work in an architecture office, and I don't find a need to be doing that work anymore, but as soon as I received notice that I had achieved my architecture license after a very long, and challenging process I knew I had pursued the right course. I am not close to the person I thought I would be, doing what I am doing, truth, I didn't know I could be all I am today. I didn't know I could carve out such a perfect life, or how important every decision to do what was right for my heart over my ego would enrich my life. I am rich indeed. 

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