Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Resistance: So I love to paint, Does that mean I have to do something with it

My battle with resistance has been going very well, I have been painting and creating in this moment and that. I have a stack of paintings and drawings, and I have loved every minute, except for the voice in my brain that thinks I have to sell them. I will one day, but right now going through the work to sell is time I don't have, or feel is a priority. I paint because I love to, not to support myself, and the process drains me, so why spend what little time I have to paint doing something I hate. So I have been working through my personal fears and thoughts of failure that I can't be a real artist if I don't sell and succeed at marketing my art. Pretty blog posts and logos and consistent branding takes a lot of work, a lot of time. Many of the creatives I follow and read are professionals, they wake up and create and blog and share their work and get paid through that effort. I wake up and go to the office and create and share my knowledge there. I don't have a typical job, and have chosen what I do, I am very content with how my days are spent, I do help make the world a better and safer place. I go home, cook diner and enjoy time with my new husband. I get in drawing over lunch and painting before bed. It really could't be any better. I job offers great benefits for my family and a steady and reliable pay check, but I am bombarded with posts and articles on how quitting my day job to pursue my passions will make me happy, how the ultimate thing to do is to strike out on ones own.....I am working on overcoming that piece in me that says I am lacking because I am not pushing my art as a business. My art is art, its my freedom, my place to dream and express what is in my heart, why would I put chains on it in the name of professional freedom and branding. No matter what a person does with their creativity there is still the "everyday" aspect. I choose to pay my bills and sooth my fears with a stable job where I am respected and have a role which challenges me, and allows me the freedom to go home and create however, or whatever I am feeling. This post is an encouragement to all the people out there who think they have to sell their art to be artists, that they have to draw, paint or craft to be creative- you don't. To be creative and an artist all you have to do is take action in manifesting the beauty you see within you and around you, be that the way you creatively embrace and love and socially interact, the way you write, draw or paint, the way you dress and put together colors and patterns, they way you dress up a salad. You don't have to sell your creativity to be seen as creative, you just need to apply your creativity to the typical, everyday actions we move through everyday. Go and enjoy the creativity you have to offer.

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