Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Make Art Monday : Strength : 4.14.2014

#makeartmonday with Maps to Herself

Strength, this word runs deep, it is very important in this life if one is going to live and do more than just survive. I am always finding items to make into talisman to have with me to remind me to be brave. It can be hard to live, be happy and find the blessings in life. There is a lot of pressure to flow with the crowds and follow those who have made a path before us. Being an artist in practice and living can be a challenge not to compare oneself to others, their accomplishments, their success, their work. It takes great strength to stand tall where one is and say, this is me, this is where I am. For two years I wore the sword of the angle Micheal everyday. I got it at a time when I was working to find peace in where I was in life, 32 and super single. I got the bracelet to be a daily reminder that I am not alone, my angles are with me, my family is close and I have the bravery it takes to live a bold and authentic life. The bracelet broke this winter. I am in a completely different place, a place I know I would never have made it to if I have not resolved to live life and be brave. The bracelet broke and so did my heart, I went to find another one and when I finally did I realized that I didn't need to carry a symbol to remind me to be strong, that it had become part of me. That I had found and married someone who reminds me everyday that I am strong, can do anything and that I am not alone. My wedding ring had replaced the bracelet and the bracelet knew it was time to move on and to let me go. I loved that bracelet and all that it helped me manifest in my life, I thought it deserved to be preserved in art.

What do you carry in your heart or as a symbol to remind you to be brave?

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