Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Make Art Monday : Passion : 4.7.2014

#makeartmonday with Maps to Herself

This weeks word was PASSION. I loved this word, mostly because I know I have a passion for color, for the sky, and for things that grow. I love turquoise, the aqua of the sea and the blue in the sky. An artist blog I recently read said she didn't get the color blue. How could she not love blue. I actually feel the same way about red. It was a testament to colors being seen and influencing people differently. We all see and experience the world from different perspectives, how we express it and share it with others is also different, that is why I feel it is important for everyone to find their inner artist, and then share it with others. That is why I take the time to blog what I am painting at the moment, to share and connect and to perhaps influence others to see the beauty in blue.

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