Thursday, April 10, 2014

Make Art Monday : Light : 3.24.2014

#makeartmonday with Maps to Herself

The past couple weeks have been busy with trying and failing to buy a new house (dark) and spring break in Florida with my family (light). The word light came at a great time. My journal exercise helped me see just how important light and dark are to each other, and without one the other does not exist. I broke down light as being something that shines on me, around me and in me, something I want to shine out for others to see.. I appreciate the dark in that it highlights the light and allows me to see the true light around me.The realization that one must exist for the other influenced this weeks art project. I felt a peaceful feeling in my heart and mind as the need for both became clear. As the darkness of winter fades away and the light of spring comes forth, so does the understanding of the ups and downs in life, neither good or bad, pass or fail; just light or dark. I used a mix of mediums, water color, inks, iridescent watercolors, and my very old set of oil pastels. This make art monday helped me accept the darkness in my life in balance with light, seeing neither good or bad, pass or fail; just light or the void of light.

Where is the light in your life, where is the darkness? How can you bring more light in to the dark, what lessons and purpose are behind the dark?

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