Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Make Art Monday : Play : 3.17.2014

#makeartmonday with Maps to Herself

This weeks #makeartmonday word was play. I took the opportunity to play with the idea of what a tree is. I love the tree images from eastern Europe, one of my favorite instagram artists posted a sketch I fell in love with and as seen at the end of the movie Frozen. I love folk images and how creatively things within our environment can be so beautifully broken down into simple shapes and vibrant colors. I have also been admiring stitching in art and thought I should give it a try. So this week I played with a bit different take on my favorite theme and presenting it in a different way in my sketch book. I love the idea of play and have been doing a bit of it the past few months. This weeks challenge has opened that door into a bit bolder exploration I hope to continue to dive into, who knows what I may get myself into going to larger pieces of handmade paper. I highly recommend everyone to take a piece in their life and begin to "play", be its bring more color or pattern into ones wardrobe, bring their art into their home decor, maybe its the ingredients one uses in cooking. Art, exploration and play can be applied to any piece in life, go for it, change something up in the name of play!

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