Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Make Art Monday : Peace : 2/24/2014

#makeartmonday with Maps to Herself

So, here I am, middle of February and I find that I am getting back into my creative self. I have been working on finding my words, on letting go of artistic expectations and life's to do list. I have been settling into a won treaty with Resistance. On the home front the sewer has not worked for a month. I researched feng shui principles to see why the sewer was clogged and not wanting to be unclogged. Clogged sewers is a clogged heart, an overwhelming-ness in life. Once I read this I knew that if I was to ever flush a toilet in my house again I was going to have to let go of everything I had been holding on to this past year in the mist of extreme changes. I was holding on to aspects of my single self, letting go of professional aspirations, I was adjusting to the act of carrying someone else in my life, being responsible for another's dreams, I was facing moving from my little place all my own to a new home. Being a designer and trained architect, home and space is very important to me, moving to a different place means being a different me. As happy as I am to be creating this new life, it has been a struggle to let go, I was very happy with how, where and what I was. None of that has really changed, but there is a new depth and I am discovering to go deeper into life, happiness, love and my creative self I have to let go of fear. I need to trust in my knowing that life is opening up to me, that the deeper dreams of happiness and a life welled lived are mine. So here I am, taking on a Monday of art and being inspired by the word "peace". Materials : Djeco Aquarelle Gels and Watercolors Pencils and Sharpies on handmade paper from Nepal.

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